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The boys whose names were called stood up. 叫到名字的男孩们站了起来。

The film is about a spy whose wife betrays him. 电影讲的是一个被他妻子出卖的间谍。

He was an officer whose career meant everything to him. 他是一名军旅生涯对他来说就是一切的军官。

The girl whose work got the prize is the youngest in her class. 作品获奖的那个女孩是她班上年纪最小的。


Chopin, whose works are world famous, composed some of his music in this room. 肖邦的作品是世界知名的,有些乐曲就是在这个房间里谱写的。

We went with Peter, whose car broke down before we were halfway there. 我们和彼得一起去的,但是还没走到半路他的车子就抛了锚。

Ann, whose children are at school all day, is trying to get a job. 安的孩子们整天都在学校,所以她在想办法找份工作。


The house whose windows are broken is unoccupied. 那个窗户破了的房子没人住。

I’d like a room whose window looks out over the sea. 我想要一个窗户面临大海的房间。


His house, whose windows were all broken, was a depressing sight. 他的房子窗户无一完好,一派令人心酸的景象。


Wolves are highly social animals whose success depends upon cooperation. 狼是高度群体化的动物,它们的成功依赖于合作。


My bitch, whose temper is very uncertain, often bites the judges at dog shows. 我的母狗脾气不稳定,常常在狗展上咬裁判。



1. 它在定语从句中通常是用作定语,所以其后通常应有被修饰的名词。

2. which有时也可用作定语,但与whose在语义上有很大区别:which在语义上相当于this或that,而whose在语义上则相当于one’s。比较并体会:

It was an English novel whose name I have forgotten. 那是一本英语小说,书名我忘了。

My father may have to go into hospital, in which case he won’t be going on holiday. 我父亲可能需要住院,如果那样他就不去度假了。


01. Cohen, ______ contract expires next week, is likely to move to play for a European club.

A. his B. whose C. of him D. with whom

02. There was a picture in the paper of a man ______ leg had been blown off.

A. which B. of which C. that D. whose

03. They meet in an old house, ______ basement has been converted into a chapel.

A. which B. of which C. that D. whose

04. Solar energy is an idea ______ time has come.

A. what B. which C. its D. whose

05. The police are investigating(调查) the company, three of ______ senior executives have already been arrested.

A. what B. their C. which D. whose

06. Help is needed for families ______ houses were destroyed in the earthquake.

A. that B. which C. their D. whose

07. The factory, ________ workers are all women, is closed for part of the school holidays.

A. what B. when C. which D. whose

08. The woman _______ umbrella you took is very angry about it.

A. who B. whose C. her D. which


01. B。his是物主代词,不是关系代词,不能引导定语从句,所以不能选;在其余三个选项中,只有whose能用于名词前作定语,故选B。

02. D。在四个选项中,只有which和whose能用于名词前作定语,故可排除B和C。而关系代词which和whose用于名词前作定语的区别是:which具有that或this的语义特征,而whose则具有one’s的语义特征。

03. D。在所给的四个关系代词中,只有which和whose能用于名词前作定语,故可排除B和C。而关系代词which和whose用于名词前作定语的区别是:which具有that或this的语义特征,而whose则具有one’s的语义特征。

04.—08. 答案均为D。引导定语从句且在定语从句中作定语的,有两个关系代词可以用,一个是whose,一个是which。其中whose相当于one’s的意义,which相当于this或that的意思。







5、most of them还是most of whom






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