A and B don’t…是部分否定吗?

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All glitters is not gold. Everyone doesn't go there.这两句是部分否定吧?和那 ...and...don't 的句子好像相似呀,那为什么那个不是部分否定而是完全否定呢?那个句子的完全否定不该是Neither ...nor....吗?


英语中的...and...don't 不属于部分否定。如以下两句均摘自《柯林斯斯高级英语双解词典》:

In keeping with tradition, the Emperor and Empress did not attend the ceremony. 按照传统,皇帝和皇后未参加该仪式。

He assured MPs that ministers and MPs were not subjected to phone taps. 他向议员们保证,部长和议员的电话不会遭到窃听。

二、A and B don’t… 与 Neither A nor B…

A and B don’t… 与 Neither A nor B…意思相同,但后者语气更强。如:

Jim and Jack don’t like the teacher. 吉姆和杰克不喜欢这位老师。

Neither Jim nor Jack doesn’t like the teacher. 吉姆和杰克都不喜欢这位老师。



1. not all / not both / not everyone / not everybody / not everything / not every…/ not whole 等。

2. not always / not absolutely / not completely / not entirely / not exactly / not wholly 等。


Not both the boys were ill. 并不是两个孩子都病了。

Not everybody can do it. 并不是人人都能做。

Not everything is ready. 并不是每件东西都准备好了。

Not all of the women like the word Ms. 并非所有的女性都喜欢Ms这个词。

We didn’t exactly see eye to eye. 我们的观点并非完全一致。

I haven’t been completely candid with him.我对他并非完全坦诚。

This government is not entirely free of suspicion.这个政府并非完全不受置疑。

Opportunities such as this did not come every day.这样的机会不是天天都有的。

She claimed the unemployment figures were not entirely unexpected.她声称失业率并非完全出乎意料。

Such benevolence, however, was not completely disinterested. 然而这样的善举并非完全出于大公无私。

I couldn’t understand every word but I got the drift of what he was saying.他说的话,我不是句句都听得明白,只懂了个大意。

Their ideas on how to raise children didn’t always agree.在怎样抚养孩子的问题上,他们的观点并非总是一致。

Not everyone will share your enthusiasm for this scheme.并非所有人都会和你一样对此方案充满热情。

These people are not wholly reliant on Western charity.这些人并非完全依赖西方慈善团体。



1、nothing还是anything not


3、not anyone还是anyone not

4、not anything还是not something







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