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make n.(产品)来源 vt.制造 It's really hard to make a decision. 挺难做决定的。

make for 有助于,向…走过去 make out 辩认出,理解,开(写)支票,假装

make up 构成 I am old enough to make up my own mind. 我已经长大了,可以自己拿主意了。

make up for 补偿 make up of 由...组成 make phone of 嘲笑,和某人开玩笑

make the best of 充分利用 make certain 弄清楚

make up one's mind 决定,下决心 make up one's minds 决心,下决心

make tea 泡茶 801. She intends to make teaching her profession.她想以教书为职业。

make coffee 冲咖啡 make off 逃跑,匆匆离开

open a.开的;开放的 vt.开 Does the shop open at 9 am on weekdays? 这家店平日是早上9点开门吗?

open to the public 向公众开放The town gardens are open to the public from sunrise to the sunset daily.市立公园每天从早到晚对公众开放。

open traffic 通车 open into 门打开后通向 open to 道路通向 The road bridge is now open to traffic.这座公路桥现在开放通行。 open up 开垦 open fire on sb. 向某人开火 open out 打开,转开

pass v.通过 n.经过;通行证 Even if you take the exam again, you won't pass it. 就算再考一次你也通不过。 pass away 消磨(时间) to pass away 去世,死(委婉的说法)

pass by 从某人身边经过,过去 304. Don't let chances pass by. 不要让机遇从我们身边溜走。

pass off 消失,顺利地进行 pass for 冒充,假扮 pass on 传下去

pass through 经历 We don't like them to pass through here. 我们不希望汽车通过这里。

pick n.风镐;牙签 v.凿;摘 ;挑选I pick up my sister from her school. 我到学校接妹妹。

pick out 挑选,认出(某人),领会

pick up 捡起来,中途把某人装上车,恢复健康 I pick up my sister from her school. 我到学校接妹妹。

pull v.拖,拔, 扯 n.牵引 to pull a trailer 拖汽车房屋(电影中经常见到)

pull down 拆掉,推掉,使身体虚弱,使价格降低 pull off 脱衣帽 pull off a plan 实现计划

pull out 拔出,离开,度过难关,恢复健康 to pull out of the garage 从车库开车出来

pull throw 渡过难关,使从病中恢复过来 pull up 车子停下,拔起(树、草)

put v.放;移动;使穿过;写 Do you know where I've put my glasses? 你知道我把眼镜搁哪儿了吗?

put away 放下,收起来,把…放在原位 595. He has a nice sum of money put away. 他存了一大笔钱。

put aside 把放在...留出(时间),备用

put back 放在原处,推迟,延期 52. When the others had gone, Mary remained and put back the furniture.当其他人走了之后,玛丽留下来,将家具放回原处。

put down 镇压,写下来 He put down his glass.他放下杯子。 put forward 提出,提前,提供

put in 提交,申请(+for) All is not gain that is put in the purse. 装进钱包里的不一定都是正当的收入。

put off 推迟,延期,打消,关上 71. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.今日事今日毕。

put on 穿上,上演 put on a bit of makeup. 我化一点妆。 put through 接通电话

put out 扑灭,关灯,生产,出版 Far water does not put out near fire.远水救不了近火。

put up 张贴,留某人过夜,建造 if we can put up some collateral. 如果我们能提供担保物的话

put into production 把...投入生产 put into use 投入使用 put one's heart into 全心全意投入

run v.(使)跑 n.赛跑;路线 He can run as fast as Jim. 他跑的和吉姆一样快。

run across 穿过(跪道),偶然遇到 run after 追赶 to run after the gentleman 追求绅士

run away 逃走,失去控制 to run away from his sister 从他姐姐那儿逃走(发生了什么事情?)

run down 身体虚弱,电用完了 run into sb 碰到某人

run for 竞选 Why shouldn't you run for what, Mom? 为什么 不该竞选什么 妈妈

run out 用完 Well, I suppose I've run out of excuses. 噢 我想我再也找不出籍口了。

run over 匆匆浏览 run through 穿过,匆匆看一下,做完 Let's just run through the arguments for and against. 我们来看一下赞成和反对的理由。

run a risk of =at the risk of 冒...险 run a fever 发烧 run short of 缺乏

see vt.看见;遇见;看出 Hello. Can I see Mr. Green? 你好,我能见格林先生吗?

see sb off 为某人送行,解雇 see into sth 调查,了解某事

see about 负责处理 5. I'll have to see about that.这事儿我得想一想再定。

see through 看穿某人 see sth through 进行到底 see to get that 务必要

send vt. vi.送,寄发;派遣 To make it fast, you can send a fax. 要想快点的话就发个传真。

send for 派某人去请,去叫某人 send off 发出,寄出

send sb off =see sb. off 为某人送行,解雇 send out 发出,发射 send in 交上去,递送

send on 转交 I can send one for you to try. 我们可以寄个给你试用。

set vi.(日,月)落,vt.放 We are going upstairs to set up Grandpa's room. 我们要上楼收拾一下爷爷的房间。 set about sth 着手做某事 set about doing sth 着手做某事 set out 出发,开始做某事,陈述 24. After several delays, he finally set out at 8 o'clock.几经耽搁,他终于在八点钟出发了。

set apart 分离,流出 set aside 流出,宣布…无效 In that case ,I'll have some set aside for you. 既然这么说,我会为你留一些下来。 set down 放下,写下 set off 出发

set up 建立 We are going upstairs to set up Grandpa's room. 我们要上楼收拾一下爷爷的房间。

set fire to 放火烧 set an example for 为某人树立榜样

start vi.跳起;出发;开始 What time do you start work? 你什么时候开始工作?

start from 从...开始 start with 就此开始 to schedule one hour a week--to start with.安排一星期一个小时。 start in 开始 start after sb. 追赶上某人 start off 动身出发 start out 着手进行

start up 开工,突然站起来 at the very start 一开始



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