The Cap-maker and the Monkeys

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Long,long,ago,there was a man with the name Smith. He made a living on making caps. One day he went to sell his caps.He went through a forest. There were many monkeys in it. It was very hot and the man wanted to sit down for a rest.He came up to a large tree,put his caps on the ground,took one of them and put it on his head. Then he laid down and soon fell asleep. "Where are my caps?”CRIed Smith when he woke up.He looked up and saw many monkeys in the trees and each monkey had a cap on its head. "Give me back my cap!"the man shouted at the monkeys.But the monkeys didn't understand him.They only laughed.The man got very angry,took off his own cap,threw it on the ground and CRIed,"If you want my caps,you may take this cap too!" And what do you think?These monkeys did the same.Each one took off its cap and threw it on the ground.The man was very glad.He quickly picked up all his caps and went on his way. 做帽子的人和猴子 很久很久以前,有个叫史密斯的人,他以做帽子为生。一天,他去卖帽子经过一片树林。林子里有很多猴子。天气很热,史密斯想坐下来歇会儿。他走到一棵大树下,把 帽子放到地上,并从里面拿了一个戴在头上,然后躺下很快睡着了。 “我的帽子呢?”史密斯醒来后喊到。他抬头一看,见树上有很多只猴子,每只猴子头上都戴着一顶帽子。 “把帽子还给我!”史密斯对猴子喊道。但猴子听不懂他的话,只是笑。他很生气,摘下自己的帽子扔到地上喊道:“如果你们想把我的帽子都要了,你们可以把这顶也拿去!” 你猜怎么样?那些猴子也跟着做了,每只猴子都摘了帽子扔到地上。史密斯很高兴,很快捡起所有帽子继续赶路。



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